Elijah's School for the Prophets Is Underway

Hello everyone. The Elijah School for the Prophets is underway! These past two Sundays, we have given six ministers in training the opportunity to preach and this past Monday evening two students ran a Bible Study covering Philippians, Chapter 1. With timely feedback following, I am confident that our students will grow in their abilities to both preach and to teach the Word of God quickly.

At the same time that our students are preaching and teaching, they also are growing in their knowledge of the Lord and His ways through personal and guided Bible Study as well as practical work experience. On the work experience front, our students engage in many practical elements of our ranch life. Just this week our students have been tending to our animals (i.e. goats, horses, rabbits and chickens), preparing meals, building a shed, maintaining our vehicles and equipment, cleaning our bathrooms, emptying our black water tanks and winterizing various facilities.

These experiences teach our students to serve, just like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came in the form of a servant not a master. They also enable us to train our students free of charge. In that way, our students learn in a manner that is more akin to how Mr. Miaggi told Daniel-son in the Karate Kid. In real life, Booker T. Washington implemented the same methods in the early days of the Tuskegee Institute In both, the teaching worked far better than the traditional methods. They also create a far more well-rounded minister.

God asks only our reasonable service so we do not overwhelm our students with work, nor with study. We encourage our students to spend 45 minutes each weekday morning, listening to Alexander Scourby read the Word to them while they follow along in their Bibles. This increases our students faith in the Word of God (Jesus) and establishes the Word in their hearts. We supplement that with group study of certain key messages several times a week. For example, this week we began with the 1991 Revival Message, entitled Seven Steps to Walking in the Prosperity of the Lord. These studies, coupled with the work the students do each day, are intended to get the students oriented in Christ, teach them God’s ways and make clear God’s plan of salvation for man through ages.

I think all would agree that we’re off to a good start. Check back periodically for updates. If you are interested in following along, with a modified course of study, at home, I suggest you read this blog entry {Home School Curriclum}. May the Lord Bless you.

Brother Steve