Ministers Conference at Grace Ranch

By: Steven H. Atherton

Each year we hold a ministers conference in October, beginning on Columbus Day. In the early years they were held outside under a canopy. Later, when we finished the camp kitchen, we held them there. Now we hold them at Grace Chapel. The photo galleries below document those early meetings. They were a joy. You can check out the messages, if you like, by visiting our ministers conference page.

Some Ministers Conferences are stuffy and formal. Our Ministers Conference are quite different. First of all, the opportunity for fellowship for attendees of all ages is extraordinary. I know that it is my children’s favorite time of year because they get to see so many of their friends. Second, our meetings are down to earth and practical. Particularly with the introduction of seminars the past couple of years, we have been able to delve deeply into many subjects of practical importance to all (i.e. Husbands and Wives, Parents and Children, Employers and Employees) as well as others that some might consider more spiritual (i.e. Prayer, Fighting in the Spirit, Worship). Third, we often have unbelievers and/or new believers attend. That creates a wonderful mix of experiences and is one of the reasons why you see so many photos of baptisms and the like.

If you are interested in attending one of our Ministers Conferences, please be in touch. There is no charge to attend and we feed and do our best to house all that want to join us. We have limited accommodations, but people’s willingness to open their cabins, campers or tents means we have never had anyone go without. If you have a camper, RV or tent please bring it with you as we’ll find somewhere to place you. Water is scarce so recognize that old fashioned sponge baths generally rule the day, but we’re all in the same boat so no one notices.

Love is the rule. Without it, the Lord departs and without Him all our labors are in vain. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you sometime.