Welcome to our projects blog. As you can see, we always have a lot going on! Please check back frequently to stay abreast of developments and do remember us in your prayers.

Some of you might want to get personally involved in some way, manner, shape or form. Know that we welcome your assistance. For some that may be an insight you can offer that could help us on one project or another; for others it may be that you want to volunteer to work on a particular project or for a period of time; still others might have tools, equipment and/or materials that they could lend for a particular project or donate; and, of course, some may want to help financially.

Whatever assistance you may be willing to provide, know that we would love to hear from you. As a Christian church that does not charge for the food, shelter, training or ministering that we provide we greatly appreciate any and all assistance we receive from those who support what we are doing. To learn more about how our work has impacted the lives of individuals, we encourage you to read the testimonies of those who have come to the ranch. If you wish to help us out financially, you can click on the donate button or give us a call to see what needs we may have at any particular time so that you can know precisely where your dollars will go.

Thank you for taking an interest in what we are doing.

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