Seminars at Ministers Conference

Seminars? You might think, of course, but it was not until our 2017 Conference that we we introduced daily seminars on practical topics to our menu of offerings. In 2017, we covered Witnessing / Testifying, Discipleship, Husbands & Wives (couples were separated for this seminar so that nothing was off limits), Employers / Employees, Fighting in the Spirit and Parents / Children. These seminars were down to earth, practical guidance on how to walk the walk, which is critical. After all, why would you ever expect someone to listen to you when you preach the Gospel if they don’t see something in you (i.e. Christ) that they are missing?

Brother Davy, borrowing from Saint Francis of Assisi, used to say it this way: “Preach the Gospel and, if necessary, use words.” The Scripture states that God is love. It should not be surprising then that you can essentially boil the entire Christian walk down to that one word – LOVE. Love God, love one another (i.e. fellow believers) as He hath loved you and love your enemies. That pretty much covers everyone you will ever come into contact with. How are you doing in your ministry on these fronts?

Well, our 2017 seminars were designed to help you fulfill that commission. After all, the Bible teaches us how to serve God as a Husband and a Father, as a Wife and a Mother, as an employee and as an employer. For most people, those common activities take up almost all their waking hours. Imagine how rich your ministry would be if you served the Lord faithfully in the performance of each of those functions. See my Post on Who is a Minister for a window into what this looks like.

In 2018, we built upon the foundation laid in 2017 to cover the following subjects:

Worship ( podcast / video )

Praise ( podcast / video )

Online Ministry ( podcast / video )

Prayer ( podcast / video )

Healing and Deliverance ( podcast / video )

All of the Seminars were excellent and I encourage you to listen to them. I know the Worship seminar, in particular, was not at all what people expected, but really helped a lot of people gain traction in their walk with the Lord. I encourage you to check it out.

The bottom line is this. Christianity is practical. If you SERVE Christ, as your Lord and Saviour, then He will inhabit every aspect of your life, enriching it according to His wisdom, power and love. Sadly, most Christians compartamentalize their lives into their work lives, their home lives, their Church lives, etc… My question to such is, if Christ does not inhabit all, what makes you think He inhabits any part? Frankly, that is one of the primary problems in the Church, so-called, today. By contrast, when you walk in Christ, you make manifest His love, which is higher than man’s love, to all. God, by His Holy Spirit will then draw, such as He will unto you for you to minister the Gospel unto them that they may receive Him too. This is the way the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is spread. If we get enough people walking the walk, then we can turn the world upside down, just like the early Church did and just like our forefathers in this nation did. If you are interested in learning how to walk the walk, please be in touch as we would love to have you join us. In the meantime, check out our seminars for yourself here.